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March, 2022

The Hearing Health Sector Alliance (HHSA) and Audiology Australia (AudA) have released new Paediatric Competency Standards for Audiologists (PCS).

Led by AudA on behalf of the HHSA with funding by the Australian Government, the new PCS describe the minimum knowledge, skills and attributes required of advanced paediatric Audiologists to provide services to those aged under 18 years and their families.

Sitting alongside AudA’s National Competency Standards (NCS) – the minimum competencies expected of every AudA Accredited Audiologist working with clients of all ages – the PCS are designed to describe paediatric practice at an advanced level without limiting the ability and capacity of all audiologists to continue delivery of these services.

Similarly, while not applicable to Audiometrists they do not restrict their scope of practice or capacity to continue delivering paediatric hearing health services.

The release of the PCS comes as consultation continues to refine a linked voluntary certification framework to recognise high-level paediatric audiology expertise expected to rollout by mid-2023. For further details on this project please click here.  

Get more information and download the Paediatric Competency Standards for Audiologists here. 

About the Project

This project commenced in 2020 with funding from the Australian Government. Led by Audiology Australia on behalf of the HHSA, development of the PCS was assisted by a Working Group chaired by Margaret Dewberry.

You can read more about the project and consultation process on the Paediatric Competency Standards webpage.

For More Information

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in having us discuss the competency standards with you at your meeting or event. Please email Georgie Bodman on Georgie.bodman@audiology.asn.au

For Media

For media enquiries, please contact Laura Watson on 04215 18733 or laura.watson@audiology.asn.au